{ Retreat }

Gone away for awhile, retreating into the wild woods to meet with stillness and the whisper of the winds and howling beasts in the crescent moonlight.  Owl pupils dilated, gazelle limbs grace through branches and twigs, eagle eye on the speck of earth, wolves roaming back-and-forth seeking an unfortunate prey.

Do you sense the forest speak?  For I hear voices in the wind.  I look up, tree tops gaze down upon me as I rest in the indigo shadows.  My back against its trunk aged in its glory.  You must be the redwoods so highly spoken of, wider than my arms would ever grasp around you, taller than my neck could stretch to even get a glimpse of your highest leaf.

In all my frowns I’ve ever had in this life, none could add up to one single smile of gladness given through the divine creation of the wilderness of restoration.  So I retreat.  And I see the Lord leveling the mountains giving us dominion over the works of His hands; beast of the field, birds of the air, fish of the sea.  All this You give to me?

I discovered a cozy fine cottage, paved in stone and lodged with timber.  There I slumbered my heart.  Sure I would love a cup of hot hazelnut coffee as I tune my guitar, please.  I sing to the morning, it chirps back with endearment.  The deer graze in my surrounding, as doe eyes peek up at the strum, feeling the sound waves of reverberation.  Don’t be afraid my spotted deer, I am only your friend.

to be continued . . .

2 Responses to “Retreat.”
  1. RA says:

    amazing photos 🙂

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