The Chevron & Herringbone.

{ The Chevron & Herringbone }

French chevron, meaning rafter, an allusion to the shape of rafters meeting at the roof.  Broken twill weave, with wales alternating direction, balanced along vertical lines; resembles the backbone of a fish (herring) thus herringbone.


The herringbone/chevron has been hands-down my favorite pattern, and is on my list of things to incorporate in my knitting projects.  I was very proud of myself for resisting the temptation of the September 13th release of the Missoni collection at Target.  I can honestly tell you that I was anticipating the day, and imagined myself taking part in the chaos. The house of Missoni is an inspiration; and Margerita is one of my {admired} fashion style icons.

Needless to say, I stayed home on that day that the Missoni collection sold out in a matter of minutes all around the world, and crashed Target’s online retail shop for 2 hours.  I thank my conscience, who had a great idea of turning my blank white Toms into zig-zags, and crocheting a chevron afghan by the end of the year to make it the first heirloom afghan in my little family.  Until then, this DIY Block-Printed Chevron Fabric is a stunner:


Design Sponge : Block Printed Chevron Fabric by Prudent Baby
Crochet Chevron Patterned Bedspread
+ Knitted Updated Ripple Afghan
+ Pillowcases by A Crooked Sixpence


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