Our Humble Abode.

It’s NOVEMBER, and a time of Thanksgiving; one of my favorite months of the year!  I am thankful for so many things in this life, it is impossible to even list them, for it would be endless.

Evie and I are finally nestled in our humble abode in San Diego, and life in the Golden state has been more than welcoming and comfortable.  I’ve never lived this far down south, so there is major inclination of excitement, adventure and discovery of what’s in our surrounding.

Outside the rain is drizzling and making that lovely pitter-patter sounds of what reminds me of home on the islands. I find myself constantly opening up the blinds hoping to see a wet paved road, and as I arose on this day I am able to say thank you God.  Rain inspires me to write and read.  It also calms my mind and temperament.  Perhaps its because I love the indoors, and when rain is hiding in His secret places, I feel like I mustn’t be kept inside while the sun is glistening.  However, I could go for a coffeeshop date this very moment, but things in the nest need some sprucing!

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