Polka Dots.

The old Naval Training Center (NTC) in Point Loma has become one of our favorite places to spend our days.  Spencer teaches drum lessons at the music studio, and over the weeks that my car was being shipped from Hawaii, Evie and I would go along for the ride to hangout in this little Loma town.

As we walk along the floral paths, Evie picks her little precious tiny yellow daisies.  This little polka-dot dress is one she prefers to wear everyday, and demands to have “Gabriella” hair [Gabriella from Sid the Science Kid, who wears two pony-tails).  On this day she had asked for “Gabriella“, and I made just a single ponytail at the top of her head.  “Oh no!  Where’d the other one go?”  as she reached atop her head, discovering it was missing. I then had to part her hair in two.

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