Simply Worship.

{ Simply Worship }

November 28 2011
Britnie Shiewe + Brittan VanBeug + Nancy Reeves + i
Austin Shiewe + Suzi Jacobs

The Rock Church

God has done and continues to do amazing things in our lives; we worship our Creator/King/Father/Abba through the gifts He’s bestowed upon us.  We are undeserving of so much, though grateful for everything we have– especially the life we live and air we breathe.

I was so blessed to sing and play music again — for over the years it has been a flickering flame; and I always find that life is not good without music– without worship.  I’ll take hold of my guitar once in a blue moon, and when I do, my spirit feels like it is awakened.  I needed the Lord to urge me to strum for Him, and thank you Brittan– my heart could not refuse to play with you, no matter how hesitant my voice&strumming is.  There are just those times that God really puts me on the spot and tells me no delaying, no hiding, and no refusing in the things I call you to do.

It was lovely how the Lord put our little group together this evening.  We’ve always wanted to sing and play music together, and we finally had the opportunity to.  What greater way to get a taste of what we can do together, than in the presence of our Lord — not to us, but to Him be the glory.

Something stirring… I pray [soon] we get to play music together {& that means you too Suzi J.}!  Thank you for taking care of my little bird on this day… I heart you dearly… & you too mr.Shiewe, she loves your gentle~spirit and you don’t even have to bribe her with stickers!

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