Forever Gerber Daisies

{ Gerber Daisy Pens }

My mama is a crafty one, and she taught my sister and I how to make these flower pens when we were younger.  The story is that every living plant that is placed in my room, ends up dying within a two week period.  I know that Evie drowned our first lovely house~warming gerber daisy flowers– and everything that came after (basil, tomato, roses…) would dry and wither.  I couldn’t figure out why our flowers would be in full bloom one day, then droopy the next morning.  Then I realized that on the evenings I would turn on the heater, it would droop lower and lower.  It would be impossible to keep a living plant alive in our room, just because this room gets so cold at night.

A project like this cannot be accomplished while Evie is awake.  If she saw a row of flowers and pens on the floor, she would immediately take them for her keeping and stash it in her basket.  If she saw me using the green floral tape wrap, she would surely try to take it out of my hands– and it definitely isn’t a good idea to have a glue gun in her reach.  Our room is our home, and there is no out-of-reach area that I could do any of my tedious crafting.  So I must wait until she falls asleep…

Evie hasn’t the slightest clue that they’re actually pens.

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