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Smitten Kitchen }

I came across this website in my search for a blog with really great recipe’s, and beautiful photography to captivate and inspire me to eat other things than my norm.  It’s called Smitten Kitchen— and I’ve come to realize that I have been staring at the images longer than the motivation it will take me to actually try them out.  The most wonderful thing about this blog is that there is a navigation that will take you to an archive of recipes’s categorized by season.

Due to the fact that I know a handful of women in my life who can bake and cook to the effortlessness and ease of the average person buying a pre-made pizza and claiming they made it (mm. that’s me!); I have to acknowledge the fact that this Smitten Kitchen reminds me of them.  Its when normal human beings can take the very thing we survive on, and create an artistry of food.  Super~human chef’s; I want to be you.

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3 Responses to “Smitten Kitchen”
  1. It’s a really fantastic food blog isn’t it? I often visit there for a little culinary inspiration for mine.

  2. Nancy says:

    That’s why a lot of people started calling blogs like that Food Porn! Haha. There are a lot of beautiful food blogs out there. I usually choose to follow ones that don’t require special gourmet and hard-to-find ingredients. The easiest dishes are ones where you only need to know how to make a basic sauce and saute things! I made a great turkey dumpling soup the other night that was fancy looking and delish. It’s a Rachel Ray recipe that Rheanna sent me. Have fun discovering your love for cooking! ❤

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