Forever Gerber Daisies

{ Gerber Daisy Pens } My mama is a crafty one, and she taught my sister and I how to make these flower pens when we were younger.  The story is that every living plant that is placed in my room, ends up dying within a two week period.  I know that Evie drowned our first … Continue reading

The Birds & Baby.

{ Bird’s & Baby } November 26 2011 Britnie Shiewe + Brittan VanBeug + Nancy Reeves + Evie + i Band Rehearsal The Shiewe’s Nest i adore my soul~sister songbirds.

Our Humble Abode.

It’s NOVEMBER, and a time of Thanksgiving; one of my favorite months of the year!  I am thankful for so many things in this life, it is impossible to even list them, for it would be endless. Evie and I are finally nestled in our humble abode in San Diego, and life in the Golden … Continue reading