Gnome in Disneyland!

{ Gnome Hood } Brittan VanBeug in a Fuschia Gnome Hood that I knitted for her birthday! Courtesy Photo: B.VB Advertisements

I Capture the Castle & Maine Morning Mitts

“I Capture the Castle” circa 1930 an English tale starring Rose Byrne costume designer Charlotte Walter makeup/hair stylists Jayne Buxton + Deborah Jarvis + Lisa Westcott  Unfortunately, I had to take apart my mitts and start over.  After my tragic unravelling of labor; I decided to watch a movie with the quirky Rose Bryne.  I … Continue reading

Wuthering Heights & Maine Morning Mitts

“Wuthering Heights” Emily Brontë starring Charlotte Riley I began a {gift} project out of “The Knitter’s Book of Yarn” by Clara Parkes.  Its the Single-Ply Project #1 Maine Morning Mitts.  Its a simple rib pattern [K2, P1] with right&left increases [M1R &M1L].  One of my favorite things to do is watch classic films and novels made into … Continue reading

Margaret in a Cozy Classic!

{ Margaret Calvani } I met Margaret (Marge) last fall through Rachel Kim and Spencer.  We hung out in Cardiff and went to the Pannikan in Leucadia for coffee & desserts.  She lives in Encinitas, CA and she and her husband own Bing Surfboard Company.  I knitted her a cozy chunky knitted beanie to wear … Continue reading

Baby Zoey Mae Fidel : November 30th 2011

{ Zoey Mae Fidel } In the fall, Brandyn & Melissa Fidel asked me to knit two beanies for their baby who wasn’t expected till January 2012.  Surely I had to expedite it and quickly get to work after baby Zoey decided she wanted to see the light of day much earlier!  Isn’t she precious … Continue reading

Knitting + The Edge of Love

Classic: Graduating Stripes

{ CLASSIC : Graduating Stripes } The Classic Graduating Striped Knitted Beanie / Paper Bag Slouch Black & Beige w/Black Ribbon 4-Ply 100% Acrylic Worsted-Weight Yarn Extra Soft & Versatile ( machine wash/dry + non-allergenic ) made at request : jena_sommer{at} US $40 + shipping + inspiration