Sucré Diaries

{ Sucré Diaries: Stacy Dupree } Stacy Dupree, from the band Eisley, is releasing a new record out on April 10th!  She started a blog called Sucré Diaries, where she is sharing sneak peeks from photo shoots, behind-the-scenes clips, and stories of her writing process!  You m i g h t just want to follow her blog… << … Continue reading

Simply Worship.

{ Simply Worship } November 28 2011 Britnie Shiewe + Brittan VanBeug + Nancy Reeves + i Austin Shiewe + Suzi Jacobs The Rock Church God has done and continues to do amazing things in our lives; we worship our Creator/King/Father/Abba through the gifts He’s bestowed upon us.  We are undeserving of so much, though … Continue reading

The Birds & Baby.

{ Bird’s & Baby } November 26 2011 Britnie Shiewe + Brittan VanBeug + Nancy Reeves + Evie + i Band Rehearsal The Shiewe’s Nest i adore my soul~sister songbirds.