D.G. Willis Bookstore in La Jolla, CA

{ D.G. Willis Bookstore } December 1 2011 Sir Elliot & i   “La Jolla’s largest collection of new and used scholarly books” [ Ernest Hemingway Selected Letters 1917 – 1961 ] [ i call him…my Sir Elliot ] [ music sheets in this corner ] [ The Notebooks of Leonardo Da Vinci ] 7461 Girard … Continue reading

The Aquarium

{ Monterey Bay, CA }

Pumpkins in Ramona.

Mountain Valley Ranch in Ramona, California.

Polka Dots.

The old Naval Training Center (NTC) in Point Loma has become one of our favorite places to spend our days.  Spencer teaches drum lessons at the music studio, and over the weeks that my car was being shipped from Hawaii, Evie and I would go along for the ride to hangout in this little Loma … Continue reading